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Student Financial View

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Helping Students Manage Their Finances

Student Financial View is a virtual financial counseling company that provides money management services. We work with traditional and non-traditional students to help them manage financial concerns such as:

  • Budgets 
  • Credit Card Debts

  • Financial Aid
  • Savings
  • Improve Credit Score

  • Student Loans
  • Taxes
  • Expl0ring funding for school

Financial Counseling

No matter the level of one’s income, having money always comes with great responsibility. The sooner you identify a financial issue, the more options you have in directing the outcome.

This is where we come in. We established this company to help you, the students, gain sound knowledge when managing your finances.

Our goal is to assist you in becoming financially fit before graduating. We will work hard to earn your trust, along with the trust of our community partners, because we care for your financial well-being.

Mission and Vision Statement

We aim to help our clients develop and implement effective spending plans, eliminate debt, build savings, and create meaningful solutions so we can help them maintain their financial stability and allow them to reach their financial goals.

  • Maintaining the Financial Stability of College Students
  • Preparing Students for Their Financial Future
  • Dependable Financial Counseling Services